Metal Basket

    • Indoor Clothes Rack
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      Indoor Clothes Rack

      Indoor clothes rack in China generally refers to "lifting drying racks", which are more popular in manual and electric manuals. The indoor clothes rack was invented by a worker named Albert Parkhouse. At the time, he was a blacksmith who made a lampshade in a wire...
    • Industrial Clothing Rack
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      Industrial Clothing Rack

      The industrial clothing rack is not only an ornament, but also a functional product. The "function" of the drying rack has been generally recognized by consumers and has formed an "industry". Industrial clothing rack The bottom of the hanger is made of two...
    • Portable Clothes Drying Rack
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      Portable Clothes Drying Rack

      Portable clothes drying rack Practical products, quality is eternal. Only quality is accepted by the public, the industry is sustainable and healthy development, quality is generally recognized, drying racks will become a necessity for residents' lives. Portable clothes...
    • Cheap Clothes Rack
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      Cheap Clothes Rack

      The use of cheap clothes rack is more common than the previous generation and has image information, hangers in the paintings of the Song Tomb murals in Song County, Henan Province. Under the cheap clothes rack, the Anzhong brand has an openwork decoration that plays a strong...
    • Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack
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      Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

      The wall mounted clothes drying rack uses two horizontal wooden piers to stabilize the column. Between the two columns in the lower part of the upper crossbar, add a horizontal cymbal. Wall mounted clothes drying rack is a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in China....
    • Hanging Clothes Drying Rack
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      Hanging Clothes Drying Rack

      Hanging clothes drying rack Anzhong brand under the crossbar, with openwork decoration on it, mainly for firmness. After the clothes are taken off, they are placed on the crossbar. The lower part of the hanging clothes drying rack is to stabilize the column with two...
    • Small Clothes Rack
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      Small Clothes Rack

      The small clothes rack was invented by a worker named Albert Parkhouse. At the time, he was a blacksmith who made a lampshade in a wire and small handmade company in Michigan, USA. The use of small clothes rack is more common than the previous generation, and there is image...
    • Portable Clothes Hanger
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      Portable Clothes Hanger

      The clothes hook of the portable clothes hanger factory has been fully occupied. He took out a piece of wire and bent it into the shape of the shoulder of the coat and added a hook on it. This invention was patented and patented by his boss, which is the origin of the hanger....
    • Laundry Hanging Rack
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      Laundry Hanging Rack

      Laundry hanging rack practical products, quality is eternal. Only when quality is accepted by the public, the industry can develop sustainably and healthily. In other words, as long as the function and quality are generally recognized, the drying rack will become a necessity...
    • Wire Basket Storage Bins
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      Wire Basket Storage Bins

      Wire basket storage bins Uses: medical equipment cleaning, disinfection, mechanical parts cleaning, bearing high temperature furnace calcination, pasta, meat barbecue, living basket, fruit basket, vegetable basket, dish basket, cookware rack, In addition, the wire basket...
    • Metal Mesh Storage Baskets
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      Metal Mesh Storage Baskets

      Metal mesh storage baskets can be placed on shelves, assembly lines, or stacked, plus wheels, traction, forklifts, and support cages for quick and easy turnover in the workshop. Metal mesh storage baskets, such as Inco 600, 625 net basket, Hastelloy C-276 frame, Nichrome 2080...
    • wire mesh storage bins
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      wire mesh storage bins

      The large woven basket has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat storage, easy storage, easy inventory check, and also improves the effective utilization of storage space. Large woven basket disinfection basket surface is electrolyzed, polished low carbon steel wire...
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Kefeng Hardware has been focused on the metal basket since its establishment in 1999 and we're now known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy the high quality and durable metal basket made in China from our factory. and the free sample is also available.

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