Metal Hanger

    • Sturdy Garment Rack
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      Sturdy Garment Rack

      Sturdy garment racks are divided into a variety of manual and automatic, and some can also be folded to use a variety of products, workmanship is the use of high-end materials. Sturdy garment rack under the crossbar Anzhong brand, with openwork decoration, mainly for firming....
    • Small Portable Clothes Rack
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      Small Portable Clothes Rack

      Small portable clothes rack can withstand heavy clothes without deforming metal texture gives a noble and fashionable feeling, durable and fashionable, warm and lovely feeling Small portable clothes rack At present, drying racks are divided into manual and electric, and...
    • Clothing Garment Rack
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      Clothing Garment Rack

      Clothing garment rack is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, brand clothing, households, etc. Now every household has a hanger, product quality and durability, meticulous work, welcome to negotiate at any time. Clothing garment rack is a major feature of China. The industry...
    • Aluminium Clothes Drying Rack
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      Aluminium Clothes Drying Rack

      Aluminium clothes drying rack for brand stores, shopping malls, clothing stores, hotels, homes, etc., now every household has a hanger, product quality and durability, meticulous work, welcome to negotiate at any time Aluminium clothes drying rack can withstand heavy clothing...
    • Laundry Clothes Drying Rack
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      Laundry Clothes Drying Rack

      Laundry clothes drying rack The hangers at the time were different from the current hangers. Most of the modern hangers are hook-type or fork-type, and the clothes are mostly hung on the hooks. Laundry clothes drying rack is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, brand...
    • Mens Clothes Rack
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      Mens Clothes Rack

      As the household items that people use every day, mens clothes rack has become a must-have item for every family. It is cheap and durable, and can be selected at will. Mens clothes rack is a major feature of China. The industry has been in existence for more than ten years....
    • Hanger To Dry Clothes
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      Hanger To Dry Clothes

      Hanger to dry clothes features: flocking and non-slip appearance, soft hand, light fabric clothing, pajamas, no longer have to worry about sliding down the wardrobe. The hanger to dry clothes design is based on simple, neat lines and calming tones, continuing the highly...
    • Balcony Clothes Drying Rack
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      Balcony Clothes Drying Rack

      Balcony clothes drying rack The underside of the joint of each horizontal and vertical column, has a through-cutting back to the back of the flower support. The hangers were selected from materials, design and sculpture, and reached a high level of art in the Ming Dynasty....
    • Bedroom Clothes Rack
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      Bedroom Clothes Rack

      The lower part uses two horizontal wooden piers to stabilize the column, and between the two columns at the lower part of the upper crossbar, a cross cymbal is added to strengthen the column. Good touch and visual experience The shoulder of the suit shirt is not easy to be...
    • Wardrobe Clothes Rack
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      Wardrobe Clothes Rack

      The use of the wardrobe clothes rack is more common than the previous generation, and there is image information. The hanger in the mural painting of the Song Tomb in Henan Province, which is supported by two columns, a crossbar, two ends of the crossbar, two ends Slightly...
    • Mini Clothes Rack
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      Mini Clothes Rack

      The clothes hook of the mini clothes rack factory cloakroom has been fully occupied. He took out a piece of lead wire and bent it into the shape of the shoulder of the coat and added a hook on it. This invention was patented and patented by his boss, which is the origin of...
    • Sturdy Clothes Rack
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      Sturdy Clothes Rack

      Sturdy clothes rack practical products, quality is eternal. Only when quality is accepted by the public, the industry can develop sustainably and healthily. In other words, as long as the function and quality are generally recognized, the drying rack will become a necessity...
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