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Common Terms For Wire Mesh

Cracks: Longitudinal cracks, cracks, cracks in the surface of the wire.

Cracked (from the thorn): the surface of the wire appears visible to the naked eye cracks, showing the tongue or other shape of the thorn

Layered: the longitudinal appearance of the wire or the length of the split

Scarring (scar): the appearance of the yellow wire oxide scars, white lime scar

A slight groove or rib that exists in the longitudinal direction of the wire surface. The slight surface of the surface is not bright.

Fold: the metal surface appears along the length of the metal overlap is now é‹—. Often linear, there are curves or jagged. Metallographic examination, the fold is usually iron oxide inclusions and decarburization layer.

Concave: The local depression on the surface of the wire.

Corrosion: the surface of the wire and the overall local oxidation phenomenon.

A dot or flaky pits that appear when the surface of the wire is severely oxidized.

Bamboo: wire in the longitudinal direction of the uneven thickness of the uneven, the shape of the United States like bamboo.

Spiral pattern: the wire in the straightening process, the surface of the thread-like roll.

Oxide: The surface of the wire is oxidized when it contacts the high temperature oxidizing furnace gas to produce a hard, fragile oxide.

Oxidation film: the surface of the wire to produce a thin layer of dense oxide, this oxide is generally not easy to break, only when subjected to bending or deformation in order to partially peel off.

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