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How To Increase The Robustness Of The Suction Cup Hook

The suction cup hook is not unfamiliar to many families. It is very convenient to install the suction cup hook without punching holes in the wall. However, if the suction hook is not sticky enough, it is easy to fall. So how can we increase the robustness of the suction cup hook?

1. Generally, when installing the suction cup hook, drop a little cold water in the suction cup, and then press firmly on the middle of the suction cup hook, so that the air of the suction cup can be squeezed out, so that the suction cup is firmly sucked on the wall.

2. Soak the suction cup hook in hot water for about 15 seconds, then quickly stick it on the wall, and the suction cup can be firmly sucked on the wall.

3. If you have a hand cream at home, apply a small amount of hand cream to the suction cup, then use a hair dryer to blow it to the semi-dry, then wipe off the excess hand cream and stick the suction cup hook to the wall.

4. Beat an egg, use a cotton swab to pick up a small amount of egg white, spread evenly on the inner wall of the suction cup hook, and then quickly stick the hook to the wall, and wait until the egg white on the inner wall of the hook is completely dry. This is the suction of the suction cup hook. Will be significantly enhanced.

5. The same method is also applicable to toothpaste. Apply a proper amount of toothpaste evenly on the inner wall of the suction cup and quickly press the hook against the wall. After almost 12 hours, the firmness of the hook will be greatly enhanced.

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