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Metal Basket There's A Difference In Material

The use of fruit baskets in high-temperature environments differs from that of ordinary turnover baskets in material, the plastic turnover basket used in the high-temperature environment is usually made of PP material, Metal Basket that is, the polypropylene which we often say, Metal Basket and the ordinary basket is usually made of PE, which is often said.

The use of plastic fruit baskets in the high-temperature environment is also the case, not in each case, the degree of heat resistance is the same. Metal Basket The common high-temperature environment can be divided into steam, baking and cooking in boiling water these three kinds of conditions. The degree of heat resistance in these three cases is different. From the high temperature point of view, Metal Basket the temperature in the steam environment is the highest, followed by boiling water, and finally baking state. Generally in the steam environment can be maintained at 90 degrees Celsius, and in the baking state can only be maintained at 70 degrees Celsius. Of course, this temperature refers to under normal circumstances, if in an abnormal state is the long time in the high-temperature environment, this can not be fully guaranteed, generally not more than 45 minutes to 1 hours.

1. A heat treatment basket, Metal Basket including a box-shaped material basket body (1), the upper Four corners of the basket body (1) are provided with lugs (2), the characteristics are as follows: the bottom of the material basket Body (1) and the middle of four sides are provided with 10-shaped reinforcing ribs (3) and the middle reinforcing ribs (1) at the bottom of the material basket Body (3). The bottom of the material basket Body (1) is divided into four parts, each of which is provided with a mesh reinforcing rib (4), Metal Basket and the four sides of the material basket body (1) are also firmly provided with a straight reinforcing rib (5), the spacing of each straight reinforcing rib (5) is equal to the mesh width of the mesh stiffener (4), the material basket body (1) and the Lug (2 ), the middle reinforcement (3), the mesh reinforcement (4) and the Straight reinforcement (5) Adopt the molecular formula for the ZG25CRL8NI9SI2 casting of heat-resisting steel.

2. In the case of the heat treatment basket as described in claim 1, Metal Basket the thickness of the middle reinforcing rib (3) is equal to the thickness of the material basket body (1), and the thickness of the mesh reinforcing rib (4) and the Straight reinforcing rib (5) is half of the thickness of the middle stiffener (3).

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